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1010 Line Dater

1010 Line Dater

Standard dater with 5/32 character size

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The process of organizing paperwork can benefit highly from the right kind of stamp, which can speed things up and keep things neat. A classic line dater stamp offers a simple design and basic features. It can be used in any profession in which it's necessary to keep track of documents by dating them. Usually, classic line daters are used for keeping track of bank deposit slips, cheques or copies of cheques, invoices and other similar monetary records.

Line daters by the Trodat brand offer a sturdy metal frame, adjustable clickwheels, and on the exterior casing, the recognizable classic Trodat pattern of red, black and gray. With a smooth, ergonomic handle, these line daters are also noted for comfort as well as function. The Trodat 1000 Line Dater includes three bands that show the month, day and year, with the year band able to reach forward by 12 years. The character size on this line dater is 5/32th of an inch. No custom text areas are included on this line dater.

Stable, stainless steel core, and modern-style steel frame
  • 5/32 inch date character size
  • Smooth, ergonomic handle for increased comfort and less strain on wrists and hands
  • Rectangular body design
  • Manual stamp: Requires inkpad for impressions
  • Inkpad color choices include red, black, green, blue and violet