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1117 Phrase Dater

1117 Phrase Dater

Character size 5/32, with 12 different texts. Texts: ANSWERED, Backordered, CANCELLED, BILLED, RECEIVED, CHARGED, CHECKED, DELIVERED, ENTERED, PAID, SHIPPED, FAXED

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Sometimes different categories are needed for dated documents in the workplace. A phrase dater stamp makes it easy to visually identify which dated document goes where.

The Trodat 1117 Phrase Dater stamp consists of 12 different texts, which can act as document categories. These texts, located on a clickwheel, can be changed easily by toggling the clickwheel forward and forth. The texts, whose character are sized at 5/32th of an inch, include the following: ANSWERED, forwardordered, CANCELLED, BILLED, RECEIVED, CHARGED, CHECKED, DELIVERED, ENTERED, PAID, SHIPPED, FAXED. There are also three clickwheels that show the date on this stamp; one clickband for the month, one for the day, and one for the year.

Phrase Daters created by Trodat offer, like all its classic stamp lines, a hardy metal frame for stable stamping, easily maneuverable clickwheels, and on the exterior, the classic Trodat red, black and gray patterning. With a soft cap, ergonomic handle, these phrase daters are also built for comfort in mind.

Stable, stainless steel core, and modern-style steel frame
  • 5/32 inch date character size
  • Smooth, ergonomic handle for increased comfort and less strain on wrists and hands
  • Rectangular body design
  • Manual stamp: Requires inkpad for impressions
  • Inkpad color choices include red, black, green, blue and violet