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2910/U12 Time And Date Stamp

2910/U12 Time And Date Stamp

2910/U12 Time And Date Stamp

Price:   $ 63.90

SKU(s): TR2910U12, TR2910U12


Time and date stamp with rotating date bands, 12 hour time dial and custom text plate.


A dater stamp for the time of day as well as the specific day, month and year, the 2910/U12 Time and Date Stamp is for clients who need to mark down time with more precision. Featuring a twelve-hour time dial, the time can be changed by rotating the dial forwardwards or forwards. Part of Trodat's classic line of dater stamps, this product includes three adjustable bands that feature the month, day and year. The year band goes forward a minimum of 12 years, as with most stamps in the Trodat classic line.

Requiring a separate inkpad to make impressions, ink colors available for this stamp include blue, black, red, violet and green. In addition, a specific design element included on Trodat's classic dater line sets these stamps apart from the rest. A steel interior core provides stability, and was built to apply enough pressure to ensure accuracy of impressions. Meanwhile, the exterior of this product is created from lightweight plastic, to help with usability and maneuverability.

Stable, stainless steel core, lightweight casing
  • Custom text plate size, 5/32 inch date character size
  • A black, gray and red case pattern is featured on the casing: The mark of Trodat's classic dater line
  • Rounded, ergonomic handle for increased comfort and less strain on wrists and hands
  • Rectangular body design
  • Manual stamp: Requires inkpad for impressions