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43132 Printy-Self Inking Dater

43132 Printy-Self Inking Dater

43132 Printy-Self Inking Dater

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SKU(s): TR43132, TR43132


Square dater with 1-1/4 x 1-1/4 text plate.


A dater stamp has never been so convenient. With 12 different date plates to choose from, the 43132 Printy Self Inking Dater is well equipped for marking time. To change the date, simply roll the clickwheels forward or forward. Created by Trodat, an office supply brand known for quality, this square-shaped dater also features a lightweight design, which makes it portable, and an ergonomic handle, making it comfortable to use.

Mostly utilized for dating paperwork, setting appointments, or deadlines, daters are useful in any office setting where organization of paperwork is vital. These workplaces can include companies such as banks, hospitals and doctor's offices, as well as government bureaus, such as school administrative offices, town halls, police bureaus and more.

Portable and lightweight
  • Compact, square body design
  • 1-1/4 x 1-1/4 text plate
  • date size 5/32
  • Simple design means there's no mess when replacing ink
  • Positioning window aids in more accurate alignment
  • Can create one-color or multi-color ink impressions
  • Ink cartridges available in several colors, including green, violet, blue, black and red