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4750 Printy-Self Inking Dater

4750 Printy-Self Inking Dater

4750 Printy-Self Inking Dater

List Price:   $ 47.99
Price:   $ 36.95

SKU(s): TR4750, TR4750


Rectangular dater with 1 x 1-5/8 text plate.

The ECO Printy Dater contains at least 70% recycled material. It's the same Trodat quality you have come to expect, but a little more environmentally friendly.


Containing three date bands that show the month, day, and year, the 4750 Printy Self Inking Dater can be used to print out appointment times, meeting deadlines, or utilized for organizing administrative paperwork. Not only does this stamp print out dates, but it also shows a short, two line message. This message could contain anything from the name of the professional using the stamp, the company name, an address, or even phrases such as: PAYMENT RECEIVED or SHIPPED.

The textplate on the dater is also interchangable. That means if the message needs to be edited or completely changed, it's possible to order and install a new textplate without needing to buy a new stamp.

A rectangular body with a 1 x 1-5/8 text plate, the Printy dater is also lightweight and compact.

Portable and lightweight
  • Compact, rectangular body design, soft cap handle
  • 1 x 1-5/8 text plate
  • date size 5/32
  • Simple design means there's no mess when replacing ink
  • Can create one-color impressions
  • Ink cartridges available in several colors, including green, violet, blue, black and red