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4800 Printy-Self Inking Dater

4800 Printy-Self Inking Dater

4800 Printy-Self Inking Dater

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SKU(s): TR4800, TR4800


Line dater, date size 3/32.

The ECO Printy Dater contains at least 70% recycled material. It's the same Trodat quality you have come to expect, but a little more environmentally friendly.


A simple dater stamp can be used to create order and keep upcoming dates in a workplace environment. Made from a plastic frame, this product is lightweight, and is available in only classic black. With date bands that show the month, day and year, this basic dater stamp can be used for organizing paperwork, for marking down appointment times, for keeping deadlines and more. At minimum, the year band goes forward 12 years.

Besides the band features, several other features enhance the abilities of this product. A self-inking stamp capable of 5,000 impressions before needing replacement, the stamp can increase productivity in an office. And when it is time to replace the ink cartridge, a special mechanism on this stamp keep hands and fingers away from the ink so that they stay clean.

Portable and lightweight
  • Compact, rectangular body design, soft cap handle
  • Date size 3/32.
  • Simple design means there's no mess when replacing ink
  • Can create one-color ink impressions
  • Ink cartridge available in only black