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5030 Professional-Self Inking Dater

5030 Professional-Self Inking Dater

5030 Professional-Self Inking Dater

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Dec 31 20XX

SKU(s): TR5030, TR5030


Date size 5/32


Dater stamps can be very useful while working in an office. The 5030 Professional-Self Inking Dater is a simple and classic stamp consisting of three clickwheels that can be rolled into place to show the current month, day and year. Whether its about keeping track of mail, sent or received payments, annotating ledgers, or something else, this dater can suit the needs of any business.

This stamp contains a stainless steel core for stability while stamping. It also includes an intregrated stamping pad for auto inking, and is able to turn out thousands of impressions before needing an ink refill. Besides functionality, the design of this stamp is comfortable. A rounded handle keeps hands and wrists free of strain. A classic black color, this device is used most often by professionals: Whether it's in a clerk's office, an accountant's, a doctor's office, a bank, or any other paperwork-heavy workplace, this stamp can help maintain order.

Stable core, lightweight casing
  • Included with 12 standardized messages for office tasks
  • Rectangular body design
  • character size 5/32 inch
  • Inkpad replacement is simple and clean
  • Casing available in classic black color
  • Ink available in several colors, including green, violet, blue, black and red