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54110 Professional -Self Inking Dater

54110 Professional  -Self Inking Dater

54110 Professional -Self Inking Dater

Price:   $ 85.95

SKU(s): TR54110, TR54110


Text plate 2-5/32 x 3-11/32 with 5/32 date.


Manufactured by Trodat, a market leader in office supplies, the 54110 Professional Self Inking Dater consists of a stainless steel core, for increased stability, and a rounded handle, for increased comfort and no risk of strain on hands or wrists. A dater stamp, in a classic black color and professional shape, this product was created with business and the workplace in mind.

Imprints consist of up to 14 lines of customized text. With this much room for text, this stamp can be utilized for any function in the workplace.Whether it's needed in a banking office, a post office, a government bureau or somewhere else with heavy paperwork, this stamp can suit any business need.

A self-inking stamp, this product can produce thousands of impressions at once, before needing an ink cartridge replacement. This function can increase efficiency, allowing paperwork to get done as quickly as possible.

The date bands of this stamp, which include the month, day and year, are situated alongside the text plate. The year forward reaches forward 12 years. Each band can be adjusted by turning it forwardwards or forwards.

Stable, stainless steel core, lightweight casing
  • Rectangular body design
  • text plate max. 2-5/32 x 3-11/32 inches, with 5/32 inch date character size
  • Inkpad replacement is simple and clean
  • Casing available in classic black color
  • Ink available in several colors, including green, violet, blue, black and red