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Ideal Model M Pocket Seal Round (2 Diameter)

Larger size, heavy duty Model M offers greater leverage, longer paper reach and more die sizes.

Please note; if uploading your own file/logo it may be custom and a custom quote will be emailed as soon as possible.

Suggested Corporate / Notary seal Up to 65 space characters in outer circle

SKU(s): M2, M2

Price: $ 38.95

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With up to 65 characters allotted in the outer circle, the Ideal Model M Pocket Seal Round provides a bigger text area but is still just as portable as the other Model M pocket seals offered.

Seals, often used by engineers, notaries, and government officials, are used to validate sworn statements, documents that include personal attestations, architectural blueprints and more. Pocket seals can be conveniently used by professionals while they’re on-the-go. Measuring 2 inches in diameter, the body of the pocket seal is round and flat, and can be packed in a bag or a briefcase. Because of practical design features, minimal pressure is required to produce a seal.

The die holder is also compatible with the desk version of the Model M. It’s possible to use the die holder during office hours within the desk version of the Model M, then place it in the pocket version when going out to other locations.

Seal measures 2 inches in diameter
  • Available only in a classic metal color
  • Portable: Can be carried on business trips or out in the field
  • With the new, updated Model M line, better leverage, longer paper reach and more die sizes are offered
  • A text message can be placed on the seal at no extra cost, but if a personal logo is required, send an email for a custom quote