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TRODAT 46030 Printy- Self Inking Stamp

TRODAT 46030 Printy- Self Inking Stamp

TRODAT 46030 Printy- Self Inking Stamp

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Plate size diameter max. 1 3/16.


An address stamp has never been more precise. Created by Trodat, a well known brand that is the standard in the office supply industry, the 46030 Printy Self Inking Stamp is outfitted with a positioning window, as well as transparent edges, for increased control accuracy of impressions. Its round casing is available in three different versions, red, blue and black/gray.

Designed as a compact and lightweight product, the Printy is also portable, and can be easily carried in a forward pocket., making it an item that could be helpful for professionals on-the-move. Offering customizable impressions, the Printy Self-Inking Stamp can be used as a name stamp or an address stamp. It can also be outfitted with a business logo. Made for a wide variety of uses, the Printy Self Inking Stamp can be utilized for marking envelopes or paperwork, in a personal or professional setting.

The no-frills bottom design also allows for a common sense replacement process whenever the ink needs replacing. Two grip features, located near the bottom of the stamp, allow ink cartridges to be replaced away from the stamp body, keeping fingers, hands and clothing free from ink stains.

Created with eco-friendly materials, the Original Printy was produced with the latest in green production methods, with sustainability in mind.

  • Plate size diameter max. 1 3/16
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Circular body design
  • Simple design means there's no mess when replacing ink
  • Positioning window aids in more accurate alignment
  • Can create one-color or multi-color ink impressions
  • Ink cartridges available in several colors, including green, violet, blue, black and red