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TRODAT 4917 Printy- Self Inking Stamp

TRODAT 4917 Printy- Self Inking Stamp

TRODAT 4917 Printy- Self Inking Stamp

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Plate size max. 3/8 x 2


With a personalized, self-inking stamp, all types of correspondence can look neater and more professional. On the 4917 Printy Self-Inking Stamp, names, addresses, and even business logos can be encapsulated into a clean, precise stamp impression. A maximum of three lines of personalized text can be included on the stamp, which also contains a targeting window and opaque bottom edges to help with precise positioning. A self-inking device, the Original Printy is able to produce thousands of impressions before requiring replacement ink. Manufactured by Trodat, a leader in office products, the Original Printy can not only be used for mail impressions, but also for office paperwork of all types.

While customization is important, so is design. A lightweight and petite design makes the Printy Self Inking Stamp not only easy to grip, but also portable, ideal for professionals that are always on the move.

The commonsense bottom design also permits a clean and simple replacement process when the ink cartridge runs dry. Two grip locations, located near the bottom of the device, permit a cartridge to be replaced away from the inkwell, keeping fingers ink-free.

Portable and lightweight
  • Rectangular body design
  • Simple design means there's no mess when replacing ink
  • Positioning window aids in more accurate alignment
  • Can create one-color or multi-color ink impressions
  • Plate size maximum: 3/8 x 2
  • Ink cartridges available in several colors, including green, violet, blue, black and red