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TRODAT 5215 Professional Self Inking Stamp

TRODAT 5215 Professional Self Inking Stamp

TRODAT 5215 Professional Self Inking Stamp

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Imprint size 1-3/4 diameter


With its hard shell casing, circular frame, and compact text plate, the 5215 Trodat Professional Self Inking Stamp can be utilized for all kinds of professional signatures or initialing. With a 1 to 3/4 inch diameter, this stamp also proves to be portable and easy to carry, whether it’s in a briefcase or a forward pocket.

While the design of the stamp adds convenience, so too do several included features. An alignment window helps in creating accurate impressions, while the handle is intuitive and ergonomic. And as an auto-inking stamp, efficiency can be achieved with routine paperwork -- no manual re-inking necessary. This stamp has the ability to create thousands of impressions before an ink cartridge change is required. But when an ink change becomes necessary, the process to do so is easy thanks to one detail: Grip lines along the edges of the stamp allow for a quick and clean cartridge change, keeping fingers, hands, and clothing ink-free.

Portable and lightweight
  • Circular body design
  • Imprint size 1-3/4 diameter
  • Simple design means there's no mess when replacing ink
  • Positioning window aids in more accurate alignment
  • Can create one-color or multi-color ink impressions
  • Ink cartridges available in several colors, including green, violet, blue, black and red