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TRODAT 9425 Mobile Printy Pocket Stamp

TRODAT 9425 Mobile Printy Pocket Stamp

TRODAT 9425 Mobile Printy Pocket Stamp

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SKU(s): TR9425, TR9425


Imprint size 1 x 1, available in several ink colors.


For on-the-go professionals, the 9425 Mobile Printy Pocket Stamp can be a solution. A pyramid shape which folds into a compact body when a button is pressed, this stamp can fit in most handbags, briefcases, or forward pockets. And with a lightweight shape and feel, the body material of this 9425 Mobile Stamp gives something extra to its portability. Besides being easy to carry around, this stamp is also known for its convenience: The user can makes an impression with just one hand. In addition, swapping out ink cartridges has never been so practical. Thanks to technology that pushes out old cartridges at the touch of a button, users may exchange an old, used up ink cartridge for a new one in one swift movement. As fingers don't come in contain with ink, they also remain stain-free.

As a stamp that can come with up to 3 lines of customized text, this product may be utilized for stamping addresses, business contact information, signatures and more. The color of the stamp case may also be personalized. Many color options are available, including green, red, yellow, orange, gray, black and blue. In fact, due to its wide personalization options and features, the Mobile Printy stamp line was given the Product of the Year award by PBS Industries in 2009.

Lightweight, simple to carry
  • Compact, on-the-go body design
  • Imprint size 1 x 1 inch
  • Simple design means there's no mess when replacing ink
  • Positioning window aids in more accurate alignment
  • Can create one-color or multi-color ink impressions
  • Ink cartridges available in several colors, including green, violet, blue, black and red