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Trodat 3350 Die Plate Dater

Trodat 3350 Die Plate Dater

Trodat 3350 Die Plate Dater

Price:   $ 24.95

SKU(s): TR3350, TR3350


Text area 5/16 x 1 1/4 (Above Date). Requires seperate ink pad.


With a cylindrical handle, metal frame, and an overall modern style, the Trodat 3350 Die Plate Dater is a simple yet sleek tool for dating all types of paperwork. Die plate daters, which are used with a separate pad for re-inking, are most often utilized to date financial documents such as bank deposit slips, cheques or copies of cheques, and invoices.

The date wheel includes bands for the month, day and year, with the year bank reaching forward 12 years. Above the date, a small, one-line text plate for a customized message is situated, and can include phrases such as PAYMENT RECEIVED, COMPLETED, SHIPPED among others. The company name, or name of the individual person using the stamp, could also be an option for the text plate. As an extra feature, the printing mechanisms are double locked to the stamp frame for more precise images.

Stable, stainless steel core, and modern-style steel frame
  • Text area is 5/16 x 1 1/4 inch; 5/32 inch date character size
  • Rounded, ergonomic handle for increased comfort and less strain on wrists and hands
  • Rectangular body design
  • Manual stamp: Requires inkpad for impressions
  • inkpad color choices include red, black, green, blue and violet